Top Ten Tuesday: Best/Worst Series Enders

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A meme from the Broke and the Bookish.

Today’s topic: Best/Worst Series Enders


Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins – I found it anticlimactic. I don’t think it fit in with the rest of the arc. It felt forced to me.

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer – Everyone talked about how Bella and Edward were so well behaved in the early books because of Meyer’s conservative nature. (Which didn’t stalk Edward from being creepy.) Then they get married and suddenly we have bed breaking sex, freak babies, gruesome child births…

Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck – I know, I know, not the end of the series, but it was for me. I praised her for dodging the love triangle at the book of the first one and then she stabbed me in the back. I had the third for free and couldn’t convince myself to go on.

Inkspell by Cornelia Funke – This is the same issue as above. Not the end of the series but I couldn’t keep going. I loved the first book, but this felt incredibly forced and disjointed to me.

Crossed by Allie Condie – Another did not finish the series… I really loved the concept, but I felt like it did not flow from the first book to the second. I felt like I was in a different story, one that didn’t interest me as much.


Lioness Rampant by Tamora Pierce – Bad guys and good guys, everything resolves for Alanna, for better or worse. Her adventures have varied but here it all comes together, forging her into the woman she will become and the relationships that are her foundation. I promise only one Tamora.

Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore – The best ones are the ones that make you wish that it weren’t over. Bitterblue ties up all kinds of ends and it is so satisfying… so I won’t spoil it.

Magic’s Price by Mercedes Lackey – The end and such a high price is paid. I cried like a baby when I finished this series, both times.

Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper – This was the high point in the series for me. A perfect build up to an excellent ending.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling – I was going to avoid this one but I think it rounds it out. I am glad Rowling broke away from Hogwarts, it would not have worked otherwise. Yet it also ended where it should. I did enjoy the VERY end because it told us that life really did go back to normal.

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