Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
Series: Hunger Games #3
Format: Hardcover

I have a disease, a book disease.  Another one devoured in one sitting.  Though I probably needed kleenex.  A friend said this book isn’t as good – maybe it is the sleep deprivation and stress of exams, but I thought this was just as good.  Though I suppose it’s a very different book.  District 13 is not a place I would like to call home, any more than 12.  Coin is almost as frightening as Snow.  The final moment with Coin; I felt it coming in the breath before.  I love Boggs.  I definitely think Peeta is meant to be especially once you see how Gale reacts to hostile stimuli.  I like Gale and I bet there are people that think they should be together, but I think the reasoning at the end is a good analysis of their personalities.  There are so many deaths that tear at you.  When I look at specific amounts of time spent on supporting characters I don’t feel like I should know them that well, but I suppose that it is Katniss’s pure emotions for them that tell you about them, not filler conversations.  I think it’s funny that I can love a book and easily run out of things to say.  I will watch the movies… and I will read Gregor the Overlander

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