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William Huber Blakey

September was a hard month. On September 29th the man I called Grampa passed away. I can’t remember any of my Grandparents working. They’ve been retired as long as I can remember. He was 80. His obituary tells me that he retired 20 years ago, but I just think of him as a card player, golfer and traveler. I never even really thought about what he had done for a living until I inherited some of his drafting supplies for my classes.


He was a good-looking guy. He had a gift for sarcasm. It was hilarious to watch him and my grandmother go back and forth. To me it was always the sign of true love, that they could give each such crap. He built me a custom doll house. He raised three daughters when he was young and spry and then went on to amaze us all by raising one more who is currently 17. He had two granddaughters, my sister and I. He used to joke about being grateful for having his two son-in-laws. The boy finally arrived in the form of a great-grandson.

ThreeGirlsHe was a prankster and a card shark. He was a quiet man. The kind with a group of close friends. He enjoyed life more than almost anyone else I know. I often wish I had known him better but I think he enjoyed a certain degree of mystery. I never realized just how smart he was with money. I remember being amazed at his computer savvy when I was young. I didn’t know until recently that he had a collapsed lung since before I was born. I thought that wiry man would last forever. It is hard to say that I am glad of anything, but I was glad that he didn’t have to suffer and stick around for long. He knew what was happening and was ready. He was himself to the end. I spent the week laughing and crying with mom as she relayed stories, like when the word of the day was “shit” or telling me about him playing Euchre on the iPad and watching baseball.gram and grampa

We often talk about the stories for the Jobe side of the family but we can’t forget the other side. Bill Blakey is not a man to fade into the background.

Happy Birthday Bill Bob!

My poor father, there have been quite a few people who thought that he wasn’t my father because of my tendency to call him Bill Bob. It began as Billy Bob Joe Joe when I was little. I don’t know where it came from originally but I have called him that for years. Recently someone asked my mother about Bob and she was momentarily truly confused. Today my dear dad turns another year older. He is a storyteller, a Macgyverizer, a handyman, a talker, and a funny man. Here is too many more years!


In Memory of Levi

Levi doing his "frog dog" impression.

Levi welcomes you!

Scentsible Levisticum Officinale was born on September 7th 1998. On October 31st 1998 we made the trip to Georgia to bring him home. He was the only one in his litter, so he forever had an excuse to be bigger and to be spoiled rotten. On September 2nd 2014 my poor parents sat with him in the vet’s office and said goodbye. He was just shy of turning 16.

Our first day together.

Our first day together.

I started this post right away, but even now weeks later it is still hard for me to write. He was my baby. He was my best friend when I have always had a hard time keeping friends. From the age of 11 to 27 he was a part of my life, over half my life. I was in Greensboro for over half of his life but he still always got excited when I came to visit.

He has a thing for chickens.

He has a thing for chickens.

My father buried him underneath his favorite bush in the back yard. He always had plenty of toys and some even went with him. His favorite types were rubber chickens, hedgehogs and purple hippos. He liked to bark at pink varieties of yarn. He also liked to lick the knees of men wearing shorts.


He never learned to play fetch.

Sometimes I want another border terrier but he was one of a kind. I do think there will be a new dog in our lives soon. He will never be replaced.

The Life of a Blog and a Blogger

I’ve been working on this post for quite a while but I figured the 7 year anniversary was a good day to post it… and then I procrastinated. September 30th was the 7 year anniversary.

September 30, 2007 – I blog my first book post on as Adventures of a Book Wyrm. I can’t even remember the web address. It is 332 words about The Golden Compass. I was starting my junior year in college.

May 2009 – I graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Drama with a concentration in Technical Production (my focus was stage management) and a Minor in English. I am admitted to the Masters in Library and Information Studies program.

October 2009 – I moved from to (Date is approximate. I created my account is August but the first traffic was October).

August 16, 2010 – I review from my first ARC. It is The Kneebone Boy.

November 10, 2010 – I tweet the following, but it will not be until I am getting ready for my last semester Spring 2012 until I force myself to break from the school library track and not complete the final course.

March 2011 – I was reading almost everything ever written by Robin McKinley for one of my LIS classes and she was replying to my tweets I was in heaven. (I stopped tweeting reviews at authors but I still go back and forth I liked pointing people towards their twitter.) My absolute favorite response from her was this.

July 6, 2012 – I bought after debating for ages over a web address.

July 21, 2012 – My first post on the new website was Magyk.

August 20, 2012 – I realized that trying to keep up and the new site was insane even though I was still tweaking the new site. So I abandoned Wordpress.

October 1, 2012 – I started making other posts. So now two years later it isn’t surprising that I am looking for change again.

I plan on continuing to post the books that I read but that will become secondary to everything else. I’m looking to rebrand. Organization is definitely something I am considering and other home projects. I know I need a focus but I’m not sure what I can produce enough content for. I could try to focus on writing and reading. I could focus on anything.


So what do you think I should focus on? Let’s get to work!