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My name is Stephanie Jobe and this is my website for books, blogging, and all things me (and of course puppies). So what do we have here?

  • The Story is why this site is 300pages.com.  It is a fictional story based on a moment in my own life.
  • Blog is *ta da* my blog.  When I first started blogging it was a way to keep track of the books that I read and what I thought of them.  Now I have started to add other posts. Reviews by Author gives you a bullet list of books I have reviewed by author’s last name.
  • Review Policy is where I talk about what I read and why.  I call myself a book blogger, but my reviews are by no means professional and I’m not out hunting for ARCs, rather I am trying to catch up on books I’ve been meaning to read for years.
  • About Me is about myself, which I am not good at but I will keep trying to add little bits to it.  There is also a page for My Dog, Mr. Levi as featured below welcoming you through the front door of my parent’s house.
  • Blogs I Love is a list of my favorite blogs that I follow.  There is a variety of topics ranging from organization to books to pure silliness.
  • My Library is my collection of books.  No, it doesn’t fit well with the site but we’re working on that and yes it is huge, just imagine what it looked like before I gave some back to my parents so I was less overwhelmed at the idea of someday trying to move them all to Greensboro with me.  (In actuality I will steal them all back someday).
Levi doing his "frog dog" impression.

Levi welcomes you!