Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper

Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper
Series: The Dark is Rising #5
Format: Paperback

Oh yeah, baby (sorry couldn’t resist, more than mildly pleased with finishing already). I wondered if Susan Cooper planned out all the numerical symmetry ahead of time, honestly I should of seen it sooner, but it just makes me more impressed with her that I didn’t. John Rowland finally gets a little bit of spotlight in this one. You find out why Caradog Pritchard was such an ass. Bran, Merriman, Will, Barney, Simon and Jane are all together finally as the six, but they are not the people that they began as and they are even more changed at the end (I didn’t quite cry). I think this is the most fantastic adventure yet on all points. I think I could spend hours looking up background on the various good and bad guys. The pictures painted are exquisite, and in the end you are left not with an ending, but with a beginning. They are growing up, their feelings are maturing, and they just so happen to know the location of buried treasures. As much as I love the way the book ends, it did kind of make me want to roar. Though I should point at that though this is my favorite I do not think it would be as amazing standing alone (I’m warning those crazy loons out in the world who can just read the last book in a series). Anyway I think the entire sequence is suitable to the big kids too.

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