Beka Cooper: Terrier by Tamora Pierce

Terrier by Tamora Pierce
Series: Beka Cooper #1
Format: Paperback

Usually a fan of third person limited this time Pierce went with a very different of monster of first person, not just that but in journal format. Honestly I get so into these things that I forget when it is in third person, the main difference I think this made was that it suited the shorter span of time. In her other books we sometimes glossed over entire seasons, but here you know what Beka is up to even if it is just a really bad day where she writes four lines. I do believe I love George’s ancestor about as much as I love him. Amazingly I think Pierce has come up with her most relatable character yet. I also like the form that the Gift takes in this book, a very different form than any of the others. We follow Beka as she becomes a trainee for the Lord Provost, a Puppy following her Dogs. She already knows a lot, but as she fights the bad guys she also learns to value the good guys, even those that are a little crooked. And then of course there is always that wonderful romantic sexual tension Pierce creates so beautifully, but how that turns out I will not tell. I had to read and so do you.

(This is the first book of The Provost’s Dog trilogy, a Tortall series.)

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