Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce

Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce
Series: Beka Cooper #2
Format: Paperback

I’m supposed to be focusing on school books but there is nothing I enjoy more than the words of Tamora Pierce.  A friend was surprised I’d waited this long to read it but I was waiting for paperback.  Beka is back and as fierce as ever.  We find ourselves in Port Caynn tracking the source of a flood of counterfeit coins.  I missed having many of the usual suspects with only Goodwin, Slapper and Achoo but as always in the land of Tortall and beyond there are always plenty of interesting people to be met.  There are lots of interesting nuggets for those that have read the other Tortall books.  Part of what I love about all of these books is the pure passion that drives the characters especially Beka in her pursuit of Rats.  And now I wait impatiently for Mastiff.  Tamora Pierce may you live to write until you are 100.

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