Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
Series: Harry Potter #7
Format: Hardcover

Okay I think I might be Confunded.  I’ve always had a very vivid imagination.  I remember one situation years ago where I was describing to my mother this movie that I couldn’t remember the title of and we realized it was a book with no movie version, but I had envisioned it so vividly I couldn’t tell the difference.  Unless I somehow caught up in the 2 months between the publishing of this book and the beginning of this blog I have not read this book.  I’m still not even sure about 6, but then there were times… oh I honestly don’t know, but here we have me reading them all nice and together finally.  I don’t think I’d read it I think I’d pieced together a good picture from people’s comments so it just felt familiar.  Okay so on to things.  J.K. Rowling wins I sobbed during several portions but definitely during the Snape memory sequence.  He still was a prat to Harry, as Dumbledore put it he saw what he wanted to see.  I recently heard people saying they didn’t think Snape loved her… what??????  Onward!  My dad told me yesterday movie part 2 is mostly battle so when I saw where that really got going in the book I was surprised.  I suppose they decided to be cinematic and show the battle from more perspectives.  I know I know I should see for myself, but sometimes I wonder if I should just not go see book movies because they tend to intrude on my own vivid imaginings.  I was soooo glad to finally find out why the Hog’s Head barman was familiar!!!!!  She lays her groundwork she does, though I was a little bothered by the fact apparently they barely fit under the whomping willow but last time they emerged with 3 people tied together, 2 of them grown men?  Once again nitpicking.  I am that person when I’m trying to think as a writer.  I love all the Draco twists.  I sobbed over Dobby.  I chuckled aloud through tears at the image of Kreacher leading a horde of house elves armed with cutlery.  I couldn’t help but grin at Mrs. Weasley taking out Bellatrix.  I actually think Tonks and Lupin got me one of the worst, I suppose because I had heard about Fred, but them and their new baby.  I suppose Teddy was maybe raised by his grandmother.  I’ve always stood by Rowling that to write more Harry would be a bad idea I think she considered writing in the same world but where in time would she go?  Historical?  All and all I’ve had a fun trip I needed something to get my inner nerd remotivated, but time to return to the Muggle world for a bit.

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