Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling
Series: Harry Potter #1
Format: Hardcover

I have lots of catching up and things to do, but hey what are summers for if not staying up a bit late to finish a book!  Some people don’t reread books, I’m sure I could read a lot more variety in my lifetime if I didn’t but I’m not sure if I could resist the comfort of sinking back into the familiar.  Maybe it is also because I do enjoy the writing craft, looking back to see the well tucked hints.  This is why this isn’t a review blog, who on earth needs a review of anything Harry Potter at this point.  I have always loved Harry, actually I’m so much of a Hermione that I wanted them to end up together for the longest time, but it’s like many books I’ve read where with time and age I realize why the ones that end up together do.  If I still had my first copy of the book (bah irresponsible borrowers) I might could tell you to the day when I finished this book this first time, even what I rated it, but there are things I know now I could not have told you then.  Harry brought so much attention to fantasy and children’s books.  I was already a nerd (note when it came out in 1998 I had just turned 11 in May) but I was still mostly a high fantasy girl.  There was good modern fantasy for adults but some of the things they tried to sell us kids back before Harry were just ridiculous!  People still worry about kids picking up Harry because of the sheer size, but here is the thing it’s not hard, but it’s not dumbed down.  There can be a happy medium in children’s books? What???  There are so many series now that are loved by childrens, teens and adults.  There have been several books in the past year, where I FORGOT where it was being classified.  I used to worry what people thought of me for reading so many “young” books still, but what I’ve learned is who cares as long as we’re having fun.  My mother could probably tell you how many of the books in the series I read in one sitting (well, not so much a sitting I did move but even moving to the dinner table my eyes never left the page).  I started this reread and on page 15 I laughed aloud and looked at Ben and praised the joy of details like the scar on Dumbledore’s left knee, a perfect map of the London Underground.  And just like that you are caught in this world.  I see all these articles about saying goodbye to Harry, but come on people!  The joy of books is that there he sits in arms reach.  You can come back and visit but Harry would want you moving on to the next adventure!

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