Come Back, Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish, pictures by Wallace Tripp

Come Back, Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish, Wallace Tripp
Format: Hardcover

I’ll admit I am one of those people that when I’m watching one of those movies with the bumbling character I tend to hide even more than I do in the horror movies.  Growing up I think that feeling started with Amelia Bedelia.  Yes I sometimes laughed like most kids, but mostly I cringed.  I think I’ve spent my life in fear of people like Amelia Bedelia (you know they’re out there).  However I know tons of people that grew up tickled to death by her and I find her much easier to read now.  As she takes the world by storm in her quite literal way you can’t help but feel a little bad for both her and those in her path.  Though in the end she is safely back in a house where at least they know what to expect.  (In some ways her very literal thinking makes me think of the character Dr. Temperance Brennan from the TV show Bones and her ignorance of the assumed knowledge of our society.)

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