The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman
Series: His Dark Materials #3
Format: Paperback

Yes, it is taking me forever to read, but that is the fault of my life not the book. The title of this book does not reveal itself as quickly as the first two, but when you realize what it is I think it makes a nice parallel. The plots and conflicts become even more confused, but not in a bad way just in a realistic way of things not being black and white. There is also some interesting religious commentary that does not necessarily have to be read into. It may be my second time reading these books, but that does not mean that I remember what happens. We call it the Wyatt Earp syndrome because of my father, but hey sometimes it makes life more interesting to not remember everything.I cried at the end, but if that intimidates you from reading these books then blame it on how tired I was. Yes, I made the classic mistake of being like I’m just going to read one chapter, which we all know is impossible that close to the end. Pullman draws you into his tale so well that you will occasionally forget to breath. Recently I was talking to someone about the upcoming movie on the first book and there was a statement they read to me about how it includes our own world. I am not sure if this is the intention or not, but it could definitely get you thinking. Either way you are completely sure in the fact that these characters are real people, you want to meet them, but you also want to comfort them and help them. These books are not about a fairy tale where it all ends happy, they are about worlds like ours where no matter how fantastic things get, life is still life.

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