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A meme from the Broke and the Bookish.

Today’s topic: Top Ten Tuesday Freebie! Your time to pick whatever topic you’d like!

I decided to do things I want to read more of.  I spend a lot of time talking about the same books and authors I love and the same genres that I stick to, but there are other things I want to explore I just often don’t know where to start.  So maybe you can help me out.

1. Stephen King – The only author on this list, promise.  He is so prolific and the only thing I have read The Eyes of the Dragon is on the lesser known side.  Everyone says I would love The Dark Tower series but I get the impression that to truly appreciate you have to be well versed in his work.  I suppose I always should go chronologically, but I don’t know.  Where would you tell me to start?

2. Nonfiction – I don’t mean like work-related books.  I mean like more writing research I suppose.  I have a collection on historical dress.  I was recently flipping through Ben’s book on weapons, but those are visual.  I want readable books that give you an idea of life and culture and… I don’t know I just want to read more nonfiction.  I think I’m always nervous to pick things because I’m worried it will go over my head and that I actually need the for dummies version.

3. Science Fiction – Don’t laugh.  I can talk science fiction, I have some under my belt, but take a look at the authors there on the right and I’m not actually much of a sci-fi reader.  I’m a tv show and movie watcher; I’m a video game player.  So I consider myself a sci-fi person because of that but despite my love of books they don’t tend to overlap that much.  Though @_jeremykerr needs to get his book published and then YA sci-fi will at least have aliens I like.

4. Historical – Sometimes I think I prefer to read the slightly fictional versions of history.  I suppose the nonfiction above is because I wish I knew what the good stuff was.  I like the personal stories.  I like to better imagine what life was like and sometimes fiction is better at that.

5. Mystery – I realized that part of my issue with mystery and suspense was I always read children’s much like my other reading.  I guessed the endings and who-did-it too much and too easily.

6. Technical – I like teaching myself to do stuff.  Interactive is nice, but I want web design books and knitting books and quilting books.  I want to build furniture again.  These things require a lot more time, but I tell myself that maybe I will have that time.  Though I probably shouldn’t start collecting too much yet.

7. Nonfiction – Don’t worry you didn’t accidentally scroll.  I feel like this nonfiction is a different category.  This is the… I want to understand how money works without a gold standard.  How do international debts work.  How do small businesses work?  I want to be more informed, not for fiction but for life.

8. Writing – I have several books on my shelf too read, but very little has actually been done.  I like inspiration books and writing life books.  I have never read anything more method based but I would be curious, I never had a method but I’m getting there.  I will admit I could learn something.

9. Classics – A lot of this is actually rereading like things I read in K-12 and undergraduate.  There are a lot of those out there on the everybody should read it at least once list, though I suppose at least try it is a better term.

10. And…. I don’t know what to put here…. What else should I read more of???

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