NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 5

National Novel Writing Month

Today had a pretty  crazy schedule but we got stuff done!

To give you a little more, my excerpt as posted on the official site.

There is a place called Deerspring. Life was not perfect but people were happy. Then a man came named Jack Maurier. He had a different philosophy to life than these people had ever heard of. He said that he came from a place without magic and that there the world was in balance, following the natural order. He did not lecture, but simply made conversation, but then when the local healer could not save a child from a terrible fever he asked the townsfolk, if she has the power why let a child die. She must have wanted her to die. His doubt worked through the people and even though no blame could be placed they became angry. In the end it was a riot. No one remembers what the final straw was, but the villagers killed their own children, spouses and neighbors. None of them resisted. Maurier says that they knew they were poison, but they were not driven by his hate, they had no force to make them fight back against those they loved. No one questioned it when Maurier assumed leadership. He became Master Maurier and taught the lessons of his natural order. Every time a child was born the parents checked every inch of it’s body to see if it held that unnatural mark. If it did they killed the infant and buried it without a name.

Then I was born.

Prepare for a minor (okay maybe more than minor) Halo based distraction.

11:59pm Saturday November 5th: Word Count Status: 7,354

Find Me At NaNoWriMo as angelofagony.


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