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This meme is all over the place and no one seems to know where it started, but if you know feel free to tell me!

I have written a lot.  Even though there are some things I have gotten rid of there is still a lot.  Some of it is on the computer, some of it is in files.  A few things even There are stories with multiple versions some of which have both digital and hard copy varieties.

I have expanding files for the paper copies but I find myself never having enough and it is hard to keep up with what is where.  The same is true of the digital storage.  I have lots of folders and I forget what is where or how long something is.

I have cinsidered scanning all of the hard copies to better be able to digitally sort but I love being able to flip through those odd sheets of paper.  It is a fun feeling.  The option of printing everything and doing good paper filing is out of the question because there is just so much!  The Immortal Magic folder is 12.8 MB of word documents.  Versions range from 2 pages to 28.  And that is just one story, so I would be murdering a lot of trees, but I would kind of like to keep the trees I have already murdered.

Thus I am still left with the dilemma of what is a good way to organize all of it?  I am a spread sheet lover but I don’t feel like I would keep that updated especially for both.  I think what I need to do is get my filing cabinet and possibly put the papers in there or find a system to my expanding files.  Then I also need to just make a better system for my computer and make notations on each if there are corresponding files in the other location.  Now… when will i have time to do this?

Do you write? How do you keep it organized?

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