NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 3

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

You know it is a bad sign when your first post is Day 3!  Actually not feeling that bad about it.  I was pretty busy and then I got distracted deciding to use Scrivener.  Honestly I’m pretty excited about this.  At first I was intimidated but as someone that has stories with huge folders of character info and other ideas attached having it all in one place in fantastic.  I love the synopsis notecards for pretty much entering my outline straight in and if I decide that flashback needs to happen somewhere completely different it is easy.  Also liking writing scenes because if I get stuck on one it is easy to jump on another.

Going well so far, there are some sections I think could be longer.  I never did finish outlining and we have made some major changes in the past couple days.  It will be interesting.

11:59pm Saturday November 3rd: Word Count Status: 2,216.

Find Me At NaNoWriMo as angelofagony.


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