Writing Wednesday: Beginnings

Writing Wednesday

Writing Wednesday

No idea where Writing Wednesday started to be honest.  There is one thing that I have a pretty clear idea of where it started: my writing.

The most preliminary stages came from growing up in a book family  and having a video game nerd sister.  I read a lot.  I watched my sister play Final Fantasy III (now known as VI) like I was watching cartoons.  In the second grade teachers were concerned about the swords and axes I doodled on the back of a paper about family.  Then in 5th grade there was a group of us and we all started.  One of them might better remember who started it.  We all carried binders with us all the time.  I switched it out with my papers in class so that I could secretly work on it.  The first story was very… morbid.  It involved real people in a truly horrific world, but you have to get to know me really really really well to hear stories of that.

And then: there was Immortal Magic.

It was about a world where there are humans but they live oblivious to the two warring forces that live amongst them: vampires and witches.  It is very bureaucratic.  There were governments to each that operated outside of the human counterpart.  Vampires were told who they would feed on.  The protagonist was Katana Berowe, there is still something I simply love about that name.  Even then I couldn’t end things… so it kept going into another dimension with some very Pern-esque dragon riders living in the Egammag mountains (note Gammage as in The Gammage Cup spelled backwards). Oh and Katana is very fickle in her romances. Then in the 8th grade I took over 300 handwritten pages ripped them up and soaked them in water and buried them, because I couldn’t imagine fixing it. I have folders and folders of paper and digital versions of the next Immortal Magic. It possibly verged on obsession until in undergraduate I took my second creative writing course and wrote the story that is the inspiration for this website name. Thus the role it plays in my identity as a writer and why it felt like an appropriate start to Writing Wednesday.

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