Life and Priorities

There was a point a couple weeks ago when I thought I would meet my reading goals over the winter break. Then there was a point a week or so ago when I thought I at least wouldn’t be behind on posts when the new year came. Then I realized that I didn’t really care, that I was having fun with what I was doing, sure I like my blog but there are some Top Ten posts for instance that are hard enough it’s not really worth the effort. I try to write my “reviews” in a timely manner but that is different. I daydream about getting the office organized and setting up a time each day that is for blogging and reading, I also think the same thing about exercise. That one should probably be a higher priority. We do things as we will. We cut our hair off and get bangs. We get sick for a whole week and don’t get anything done. Life is like that. I will never be good at remembering to do social media. I will always procrastinate blog updates. These things I can predict. I will always want bookshelves.

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