Life… and All the Things

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post letting you know why I fell off the face of the planet…. I’ve been meaning to write such a post for at least 3 months. It has taken me over 10 days to write this post. End of January my temp job ran out and I became a blogging machine… Then in March I got a brand new shiny job working in a Financial Aid office. It has been great but it does take up you know the standard 40 hours per week and I am terrible about getting things done during lunch. Then the office got busier. Then we started talking about moving. In particular about getting a bigger place with my best friend…. then we started looking at houses and then suddenly my parents were helping me buy a house (okay the legal definition is a little different but I am okay with that). We had been looking and had a list for Saturday July 20th. By the time my parents got home they had everything ready to make an offer. The negotiations were done before the night was over. Then there were adventures of inspections, renegotiating. We closed Thursday August 15th and got the keys. Then the true whirlwind begin. Scraping certain sprayed ceilings, painting the entire house. We are near the end of the paint. We need to be out of the apartment tomorrow.  There is stuff everywhere. It is definitely starting to feel like a home. I’m in love with it (paint helps). On top of all of this classes at the university where I work started on August 19th, yep the Monday after closing. We already had a paintball trip scheduled so we were out of town most of the day on the 23rd and 24th… I have spent this week mentally exhausted from work, bruised and sore from paintball, physically exhausted from moving, and I’ve been fighting a cold for a week now. A three day weekend has never looked so beautiful. I am blessed with wonderful parents. They have spent money but also an immense amount of time helping us scrape, patch, sand, clean. It already feels like a different house. I will share pictures at some point, a little side by side before and after. As for now… soon the computer will be set up and I’ll try to spend a little time each day catching up with the internet.

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