Happy Birthday Bill Bob!

My poor father, there have been quite a few people who thought that he wasn’t my father because of my tendency to call him Bill Bob. It began as Billy Bob Joe Joe when I was little. I don’t know where it came from originally but I have called him that for years. Recently someone asked my mother about Bob and she was momentarily truly confused. Today my dear dad turns another year older. He is a storyteller, a Macgyverizer, a handyman, a talker, and a funny man. Here is too many more years!


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  1. Bill Jobe says:

    What makes Bill Bob Joe even stranger is that the names that people call me by mistake most often.(at least a few times a week) are Bob or Joe despite I am almost always wearing a name tag.

  2. I know how you feel, Bill (Bob, Joe…whatever yer name is today!!) My sister calls me Fred. Doug Flack used to call me Ralph (from Green Acres) in high school. My godmother and mother call me Jody. My brother calls me Jo. My friend, Darrell, calls me Jo Jo. My first name is Mildred (after my mom -Do NOT call me that!!!) So I have a real problem with this multiple name thing. I feel your pain. I’ve decided to answer to anyone who looks at me more than a second or two and calls me something!! Hope you had a great birthday!! 🙂

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