I have a beautiful hand crafted blank slate dollhouse crafted by my Grampa, Bill Blakey, when I became fascinated with the tiny intricate interiors. Probably sometime between 9 and 13. I have dollhouse furniture. I have floors but I have never installed those floors because of some fear of commitment. I can paint rooms in a real house. I can pick a dining room table but I can’t make the commitment in miniature. I tell myself someday I will still finish it but I say that with a lot of things. Honestly though part of me thinks we prefer to have unfinished ideas waiting on us, rather than feeling done.

The past few years I’ve been gathering ideas for a haunted dollhouse. You can blame Pinterest. Yes, there is a Creepy Dollhouse Pinterest board. It feels right. I love spooky things and especially creepy cute things. It would let me use what I have but also make and find other fun things. It also feels extra appropriate because Gram and Grampa were married on October 30, 1953 and were always fans of Halloween.

I’m thinking stick with normal room selections but then sort of theme each of them differently. For example the kitchen might be more slasher vibes, and the bedroom more haunted. Maybe some monsters in the bathroom? A ritual in the attic? I think a lot of it will depend on things I find and make. Maybe I give it all just ghosty vibes.

Do you have any projects you’ve procrastinated for 20 years?

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