Booking Through Thursday: Second First Time

Booking Through Thursday

A meme from Booking Through Thursday.

Today’s topic is “We all know the beauty of reading a really wonderful book for the first time—when everything about the story and the writing and the timing click to make a reader’s perfect storm … but it’s fleeting, because you can never read that book for the first time again.
So … if you could magically reset things so that you had the chance to read a favorite book/series again for the first time … which would you choose? And why?
And then, since tastes change … Do you think it would have the same affect on you, reading it now, as it did when you read it the first time? Would you love it just as much? Would you risk it?”

My first instinct is Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce. I love this book so much but part of what I love about that book, that series, is how I grew with it. When I first began I thought Alanna should have always stayed with Jonathan, then Liam, then George. My evolution mirrored hers.

Then I move more towards Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. I want to get to read this for the first time again before I saw the movie. When I was just smitten with Char and didn’t hear singing in my head.

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