Booking Through Thursday: Libraries

Booking Through Thursday

A meme from Booking Through Thursday.

Today’s topic is “How often do you visit a library? Do you go to borrow books? Do research? Check out the multi-media center? Hang out with the friendly and knowledgeable staff? Are you there out of love or out of need?”

I never visit the library.  Yes, I have a MLIS.  I mean to visit the library but I have so many books of my own to read, the internet is fantastic for any research I do right now… also that whole one car family has an impact.  I have friends that work at the library!  The university library is walking distance but they just don’t have the same atmosphere.  This is probably not helping my library job search.  To be honest I haven’t been a frequenter of libraries in a long time.  I like small libraries.  I still hold a slight grudge when I got frustrated with the selection as a preteen.  I keep thinking lately that I need to get back into the library but my biggest hurdle is I have so many books at home to read!

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