Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten 2013 Debuts I’m Looking Forward To

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A meme from the Broke and the Bookish.

Today’s topic: Top Ten 2013 Debuts I’m Looking Forward To

Yes this took me forever.  I tried to avoid titles that I had already mentioned in Top Ten Most Anticipated Books For 2013


1. City of a Thousand Dolls by Miriam Forster (expected publication February 5, 2013)–  The cover is gorgeous I will admit that is part of it.  The symbols along the bottom particularly intrigue me.  Also even just a rumor of assassins gets my attention.  An investigation into girls being murdered.  I want to know more about how this city got this name.

2. The Flame in the Mist by Kit Grindstaff (expected publication April 9, 2013)– “telepathic golden rats, Noodle and Pie” I mean what else do you really need to say.  While the summary sounds epic in the scale more of the novels of my youth there is also that sense of humor that you get from the inclusion of the rats.  Jemma has secrets even from herself but the fate of this kingdom will rest on her shoulders.

3. The Cadet of Tildor by Alex Lidell (expected publication January 10, 2013)– This one has been on my radar for quite some time. Originally I was hesitant because it felt almost too Tamora Pierce.  Though I think the more recent summaries have done a better job of showcasing the similarities and differences.  A young woman training among men and willing to do anything to help others.

4. Vengeance Bound by Justina Ireland (expected publication April 2, 2013)– Cory is trying to be a normal high schooler… she just escaped from an asylum and she literally has the Furies in her head.  By night she serves them but her mind is still a place of conflict.  Also this cover is (excuse my language) bad ass.

5. A Conspiracy of Alchemists by Liesel Schwarz (expected publication March 5, 2013)– Alchemists and a bit of steampunk in Paris.  Elle is a pilot who falls into this adventure because of her cargo.  The cover gives you an interesting bit of character, location and technology.

6. The Falconer by Elizabeth May (expected publication September 19, 2013 UK, US is still in the air)– Scotland, 1844. Aileana should have lived a life of glamour.  Instead she is hunting the Fae in vengeance for the murder of her mother but the Wild Hunt is coming and perhaps not all Fae are what she expects.  There is no cover yet but I expect it will be beautiful and maybe hint at the rumors of steampunk.

7. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke (expected publication August 20, 2013)– Can you imagine if you began to suspect that the boy living in your backyard was the devil? Violet White is falling for River West but this book is described as gothic with that classic romance and horror so who can we trust?

8. Jinx by Sage Blackwood (expected publication January 8, 2013)– Jinx must decide what is more dangerous, straying off the path or trusting a wizard?  Urwald is filled with all kinds of dangers and creatures and the wizard seems better than being alone after being abandoned in the woods by his stepparents.

9. Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson (expected publication March 12, 2013)– In this retelling of Bluebeard, Sophia leaves her home to live with her godfather, Monsieur Bernard de Cressac, in Mississippi.  He is generous and charming but there are whispers of a darker past and wives with red hair just like Sophia’s.

10. Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza (expected publication March 12, 2013)– Mila thinks that she is normal but there is programming deep within her and there are those that wish to unlock it for their purposes.  Her small town life is over but no one can truly imagine what she is becoming.

Some of these are of greater interest than others and I’m sure it shall vary even as the year continues.  Also these are the release dates I found.  I did not spend a lot of time double checking I will admit.

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