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Okay I’m always saying I should read more Stephen King, but I have suddenly been on a Stephen King movie kick.  It was mostly by accident.  I watched Bag of Bones and then Netflix kept giving me recommendations.  So that was followed by The Stand.  Then The Langoliers and at this point I am seriously like… does all Stephen King end happy?  Last time I watched Carrie was a long time ago so I can’t really remember how it ends.  I’m greatly amused at this point, partially because I just started Children of the Corn and it is extra entertaining when there is an actor that you have actually worked with that you forgot was in a movie and then there is Linda Hamilton singing.  She is very entertaining in real life too.

Yep still happy endings.  Okay… Sometimes They Come Back.  And we’re still going happy.  It’s not just that people survive.  There is often at least one survivor in scary movies.  I think it is the attitude of the survivors that changes things. I tried watching Golden Years but couldn’t make it past the first episode, just too much set up. I did start watching Dead Zone and might continue with that when I don’t have current shows to watch…

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