Media Monday: Childhood Movies

All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Little Mermaid, Milo & Otis, The Land Before Time

A meme from me!  At least as far as I know…

I’ve been doing video games so far, but I am in a different mood this week… so seeing as I have thought of All Dogs Go To Heaven multiple times recently I thought a walk down memory lane might be due.  So these are the movies that defined my childhood, aka the movies I watched so much everyone in the house could quote them.

All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Little Mermaid, Milo & Otis, The Land Before Time

All Dogs Go To Heaven – I sure do live me a rascal and boy was Charlie a rascal, though Itchy made me laugh without end.  I always saw myself as more of an Itchy a bit nervous.  This week I saw a picture that made me think of the puppies, when Charlie wakes up from his nightmare and the one is chewing on his ear.  Then at dinner Friday someone did “You can never come back…” in the perfect voice.  I am still a dog person.

The Little Mermaid – Also known as “Little, the Mermaid” because I was apparently good at flipping words even as a child.  I suppose I thought it was her name, but I am not so sure.  I also think she had a much better supporting cast than most of the princesses back then… and her prince was hunkier.

Milo and Otis – This is one of those movies that when I find a fellow fan there tends to be squealing.  It is kind of an odd film.  Watching it as an adult it is hard to imagine getting all the right clips for all of the scenes and how many takes it probably took.  Also they start the journey young but this dog and cat end it as parents!

The Land Before Time – “Yep Yep Yep!” I watched this movie so much that I kept quoting it and forgot I was quoting and it joined my vocabulary.  Littlefoot and star trees and so many things I loved.  Petrie and Ducky cracked me up.  Cera drove me crazy.  Sometimes it is weird to realize sad things way later.  I would recommend not looking up Judith Barsi.

Homeward Bound – More puppies!  Probably one of my all time top movies and one of the ones with the biggest following.  Those three pets, there was one for everybody.  Chance cracked me up but also made me cringe.  I was definitely a Shadow girl.  Sassy always made me roll my eyes.

The Rescuers Down Under – It is funny I always was more for the sequel.  I think it was the reason for a long time Australia was the country I most wanted to visit, which is kind of funny if you think about what a scary place it is in that movie, but it is also so beautiful.  I also love Bernard falling over himself for Bianca.

Fern Gully – As a kid you don’t realize if the movie your watching wields a political hammer.  You either like it or you don’t.  I was never a Zak fan, he was blonde and my preferences became clear young.  I did laugh endlessly at Batty Koda.  There is something wonderful about the age before you realize Robin Williams plays most of the funny guys.

Willow – Trolls are terrifying, and trolls with accidental magic… you better hide under the couch.  I said I love a rascal referring to Charlie, but another bad boy I fell for young was Madmartigan.  It is a little hard to admit that I still kind of have a thing for Val Kilmer with long hair.  Sorsha also seriously got points for being the hot badass warrior girl without showing too much skin.

Homeward Bound, The Rescuers Down Under, Fern Gully, Willow

I tried to do the tip of the I watched so many times list but there are others such as: 101 Dalmations, The Last Unicorn, Aristocats, Robin Hood, The NeverEnding Story... and I’m sure there are others I forgot.  Many of these were obsessed over before I was old enough to have a good memory of it all.  So family what did I miss?  What movies did you watch over and over when you were small?

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