City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Series: The Mortal Instruments #1
Format: Hardcover

Clary and her mother are both artists. They live a fairly normal life, or so Clary thought. Then she sees something that no one else sees. There is another layer to the world and she is part of it. Her glimpse of the gorgeous Shadowhunter Jace is just the beginning. Her mother disappears and she must determine their role in this world.

I like the way that Clary is introduced into this world. I think that it works well. You learn things along with her. It is definitely a very exciting world. Jace is enticing. Izzy and Alec are exactly what siblings should be.  Clary’s world is turned upside down so quickly. She doesn’t feel like she knows her mother or Luke. Her best friend, Simon, is very normal but he is dragged into this world behind her. There are romantic feelings but none of them are easy. I really like Clary, she feels authentic to me, her reactions and everything. I like Jace, when he is hard and sometimes even a bit cruel it all fits. It is from his own pain, not from any true malice. Simon is a bit too naive for my tastes. The mythology created for the world and all of the details with it. It is very hard not to give spoilers for this…

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