Booking Through Thursday: Summertime

Booking Through Thursday

A meme from Booking Through Thursday.

Today’s topic is “Do your reading habits change in the summer?”

It used to. When I was in school summers were the reading time. When I was younger my whole summer was spent in a stupor of reading. I also read a huge amount during the school year, but during summer I read all day long. I picked up a book in the morning and read it during breakfast, curled in the chair, during lunch, in the back yard, during dinner, and lying in bed. In college I started having a harder time making opportunities to read during the school year. Summers became essential, even when I was off working a summer theatre. I made my mother ship me books to Stockbridge, MA when I needed more to read. I was super busy in undergrad. I think that is why I almost needed to slow down a bit in grad school. I definitely got to read more, not all of it was voluntary. Summers especially were back to almost an elementary school level of non stop reading. Now… summers are the same as any other day. Oh no! I’m a grown up! I did catch myself feeling jealous recently when I came home and my best friend who is a teacher had been home reading all day.

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  1. Gloria Jobe says:

    We have to read when we can, just takes a little more creativity!

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