Wolf-Speaker by Tamora Pierce

Wolf-Speaker by Tamora Pierce
Series: The Immortals #2
Format: Paperback

I think a disturbing amount of my psychology could be traced back to Tamora Pierce, most of it from The Song of the Lioness quartet, but then you come to things like oh my absolute obsession with wolves for years of my life.  Daine is growing in her confidence and the gods of the People, animals, are becoming even more involved in her life.  Not only does this book provide you with a great adventure but it also teaches two lessons.  One lesson is about respect for the natural world in a way that goes above and beyond even the respect encouraged in the other stories about Daine.  The other lesson is about prejudice, not too surprising from an author with such against the grain strong female characters, but she does show it particularly well and it makes her entire world that much more dimensional.

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