Those Magic Changes…

Posting helps me keep track of when I make changes to how I blog. There have been a lot of changes over the years… adding pictures, using Goodreads more.

Sometimes I think about keeping a running post just of the evolution. It’s hard to remember when I started on Blogger. Screenshots would be even funnier.

My newest change is tiny to anyone outside of myself, but to me it feels huge. I am going to stop posting the day I read a book. It was a lot of pressure. It made the blog bizarre when I binge read. I flooded it and then disappeared for a while. I am going to start scheduling them, trying to space them out better. Melting Stones is the first of these. That way it is also easier to figure out when I want to do non review posts. I still haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do as far as posting the reviews to Goodreads. Post them when I write them? Set a reminder to post them after the blog post publishes? I don’t know.

Also I am still resisting gifs though I can see why people use them. I want to express things and be visual… For now all I can think of is a picture of me a few months before I started the blog. Sometimes I feel like I am exactly the same and totally different.Swing

And yes, I also got a Grease song stuck in my head. It happens at least once a week anyway so why not.

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