Star Wars: Droids Unplugged #1

Star Wars: Droids Unplugged #1 by Chris Eliopoulos, Jordie Bellaire
Series: Star Wars: Droids Unplugged #1
Format: Paperback

Collecting three stories featuring everyone's favorite droids! What adventures did the probe droids in The Phantom Menace get into when Darth Maul wasn't looking? Luke's got a mission for R2-D2! But can the astromech complete it in time? And all BB-8 wants is to help…two Resistance soldiers fall in love!


At the back of some of the Star Wars comic series are little shorts featuring our favorite mechanical heroes. This issue collects the first several of them. I’m not sure I can accurately express just how adorable these are. If you love droids you should read this, even if you don’t read the comics. If you get excited when a mouse droid rolls across the screen or love listening to BB-8 and R2-D2 “talk” then you should read this. It is just so precious. Most of it is not verbal, they are droids after all, but it is much like the skill that was in the Groot series. A lot can be said without words.

You have droids making friends and droids struggling with distractions. Not all of the droids featured are stars either. There is romance. The art style is just sweet and definitely adds to the expressiveness of the droids. There are others so I hope that they continue to collect them like this. Honestly I would read a whole series of this. I don’t think that will happen but I definitely look forward to them.

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