Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley

Spindle's End by Robin McKinley
Format: Paperback

Okay I’m not going to ramble… I have entirely too much to do.  So much that it is not physically possible and prioritizing shall commence but if I don’t do this it will nag at me because no offense to the world but my personal happiness is more important to me than my Master’s (A sentiment I think Rosie would approve of).  Already rambling awesome.  The story starts out following Katriona who is going to attend the new princess’s name day.  She is the first female heir in a very long time and an evil fairy has been waiting for her.  Rosie is no Disney princess that is for sure.  Oh yes she talks to animals, but that is not a very princess like thing to do.  She has golden curls but she hates them and cuts them off.  Her singing voice is beautiful but she can’t carry a tune.  Her skin is flawless but she isn’t beautiful.  She loves her life and pities the princess when rumors of her come through. The ending is a nice surprise.  There are wonderful details like the carved spindle ends and references to legends Rosie loves like oh Beauty and the Beast and this place called Damar.  Alright bye!

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