Chalice by Robin McKinley

Chalice by Robin McKinley
Format: Hardcover

I got out of order I was so in the habit of just picking up the next book on the shelf.  Oops!  Once I was started it didn’t really seem to make sense to stop.  Another Beast?  Mirasol has been made Chalice but the land itself is still struggling and no one is exactly sure of the new Master who was/is a priest of Fire.  The human he was before is well remembered but it is hard when he bears no resemblance and cannot even remember what his name then was.  The struggle here bears some riding around the borders but there is also more of a struggle of politics, who to trust, what to believe and what is right and good for the land.  Of course I loved it.  I thought this world was particularly fun because it is I think the most from scratch (though I love her other worlds equally if not more).  As always epically beautiful.  And now… crap do I go back to Sunshine or go on to Pegasus?

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