Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
Series: Twilight #3
Format: Hardcover

There is a common misconception that these books are about Edward and though he is beautiful there is so much more to it. I find myself falling in love with all of the Cullens. I wish I could have a big brother like Emmett, etc. This book definitely gives more insight into the rest of the family. Jacob is still being Jacob. I’ve heard people talk about teams, but that is for you to decide. Everything is tied in the Volturi and Victoria, but only some things are resolved. The wedding is looming closer as is the changing, but of course those curiosities will not be satisfied until the next one. I think what Meyer does most amazingly is she makes everyone so dynamic. We’re used to werewolves and vampires being one thing or another, but she makes them anything but. Though it is a little sad that Angela seems to be the only redemption for the human race. Anyway much anticipation for the last one and rumors of the books from Edward’s point of view.

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