New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
Series: Twilight #2
Format: Hardcover

It probably sounds silly to say that a book known for romance reminds me what it is like to be a kid again, but the reason is today I got up, cooked lunch and read straight through this book from cover to cover. One downside to reading such a popular book is the whispers you hear, but I was not disappointed in any way. Bella becomes even more dynamic, though a little melodramatic. Edward might actually become more beautiful because he is more flawed. You take a step deeper into the world of the mythical and into the town of Forks. People all around are less perfect especially Charlie who would make any teen want to rebel. The dangers are no longer exclusively about Bella but begin to affect more and more people. It was beautiful and filled with adrenaline and emotion. The last one could stand alone fairly successfully but this time around you feel like she stopped not on the edge of the cliff but the instant after the jump (and this feeling is just aggravated by the inclusion of the beginning of the next, oh publishers). And of course you are left wondering will Bella ever be a vampire?

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