Miss Brooks Loves Books! (and I don’t) by Barbara Bottner, illustrated by Michael Emberley

Miss Brooks Loves Books! (and I don't) by Barbara Bottner, Michael Emberley
Format: Hardcover

Yipee for depictions of young, energetic librarians!  I must agree with my friend Ruth that the illustrations are definitely a wonder.  Though I can’t help but giggle a bit at the idea of a librarian using books as a stool as portrayed on the cover.  Okay but the book is not about the librarian.  It is about a reluctant reader (may all librarians cower in fear).  This adorable young lady can not get interested in all the books her classmates love.  However the stakes are raised when every student is expected to present a book for book week.  In the end of course she finds a book that is the perfect fit and all is well with the world.  This is my goal in life to be the person who helps this girl find this book!

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