Media Monday: Men In Black 3

A meme from me!  At least as far as I know…

Recently at my parents’ house we rented MIB3.  We enjoyed the first two, especially the original, and thought oh why not Redbox is so cheap… It will probably be cheesy but eh we’ll have fun…


It was fantastic, as Ben put it, “especially for as little as Tommy Lee Jones was actually in it.”  I laughed so hard.  If you haven’t watched it yet, listen to what the little girl says about the sippy cup.  I almost missed it.  It was as good as if not better than the original.  Will Smith slipped back into character with ease.  Also I was all nervous about someone playing young Tommy Lee Jones but Josh Brolin did a fantastic job.  Like it was eerie!

I think that they did a good job of staying in the spirit of the original.  I loved the retro aliens when you go back in time.  There were just so many good funny moments, but what really made me love this movie was the ending.  I won’t give spoilers I was totally caught off guard and was utterly impressed with them for that.  I will warn you that I bawled like a baby.  I never expected to describe something from a movie like this as beautiful.  I think the only way I could have loved this movie more is if there had been more Emma Thompson, though even her brief appearances steal the show.

I totally recommend it.  I am not going to babble on… Just go rent it.  NOW.

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