Feed by M. T. Anderson

Feed by M. T. Anderson
Format: Paperback

The scariest thing to me is that I am not sure if there is enough will power left in the world for us to avoid this fate.  Typing in an IM conversation while in the midst of this book made me horrifically realize just how much we already sometimes sound like this.  Titus’s generation was born in conceptionariums because the old fashioned way could expose the not yet baby to radiation.  A good number of them have been wired with feeds since before they could remember and it is part of their brain constantly supplying them with information and ads. Then he meets Violet who got her feed late and has never attended commercial school.  She sees in him a small hope while the downfall of humanity is all around them, but is it too late?  I’ll admit it took me a minute to get into it; I was drowning in the slang and the absolute null of their brains, but then Violet is this spark in a gray world.  I cried (Mind you I am emotionally exhausted) but there is truly quite something to this book.  Note to self put in computer obsessed niece’s hands this year or next.

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