Children of the Night by Mercedes Lackey

Children of the Night by Mercedes Lackey
Series: Diana Tregarde Investigations #2
Format: Paperback

Yes I know it is out of character for me to read books out of order, but when I first read it in the 8th grade I honestly didn’t know it was part of a series and so when I finally got a copy it was the priority instead of the still unfamiliar first book. Diana is much like a female version of Joe from Charlie Huston’s Already Dead. Yes, there is a vampire. Yes, there is a love interest but trust me this is not one of “those” books. Diana is a Guardian, which means she has to help people in magical trouble whether she wants to or not and it tends to create some sticky situations for her and the people around her. I also have always loved Diana because she is a struggling writer forced by finances into writing a dime store romance novel. In the end she not only stomps on the bad guys but she also finds a way to make the story her own.

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