Booking Through Thursday: Why Read?

Booking Through Thursday

A meme from Booking Through Thursday.

Today’s topic is “Why do YOU read fiction? Here’s one person’s answer.”

I really like the post, I think it makes a really good point, but ironically it has no relation to why I feel like I read. My reading is a bit of escapism. To leave behind the world of office jobs. To experience a myriad of emotions that add range versus what I experience in a normal day. To step into someone else’s shoes. I’m not big on nonfiction but that is because I enjoy the extremes in fiction, there are so many more possibilities and often I find that fiction has more moments I can relate to in the mundane where nonfiction focuses on such specific portions that the whole narrative and the more mundane moments are missing.


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  1. Yes, experiencing other worlds and emotions. That’s a good reason, I think. Here’s my BTT Post

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