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Booking Through Thursday

A meme from Booking Through Thursday.

Today’s topic is “What do you think of fanfiction? In general—do you think it’s a fun thing or a trespass on an author/producer’s world? And of course, obviously specific authors have very firm and very differing opinions about this, yet it’s getting more popular and more mainstream all the time. Do you ever read or write it yourself?”

I think it is a fun thing until you start marketing it and/or trying to sell it, then it becomes trespassing. I think it is a very different act to post on a site full of fan fiction versus publishing through something like Amazon and ending up on Goodreads, etc. I’ve never really gotten into it myself. I’ve had friends who have, but I never write it because I like the characters they made, to write something would be to change them. I don’t read it for partially the same reason and also because often they are stylistically and otherwise so different from the original that it just feels wrong to me.


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