Booking Through Thursday: Childhood Vs Adult

Booking Through Thursday

A meme from Booking Through Thursday.

Today’s topic is “Have your reading habits changed since you were a child? (I mean, I’m assuming you have less time to read now, but …) Did you devour and absorb books when you were 10 and only just lightly read them now? Did you re-read frequently as a child but now only read new books? How about types of books? Do you find yourself still attracted to the kinds of books you read when you were a kid?”

I devoured books as a kid. I walked into walls in elementary school because I read between classes. There is that joke about teachers knowing kids are texting because no one just smiles at their crotch, well I always had a book in my lap. I was always reading new things, most of my suggestions came from my elementary school librarian. Back then I didn’t really reread. The shift towards reading less was going into middle school. I started rereading more. I was still reading the same things though. I still read mostly fantasy but in all age ranges. I reread more now. I think sometimes because I am seeking the way I read back then.

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