Booking Through Thursday: Plot or Characters?

Booking Through Thursday

A meme from Booking Through Thursday.

Today’s topic is “Which is more important when you read — the actual story or the characters? I’ve read books with great plots, but two-dimensional characters, and I’ve read multi-layered characters stuck in clunky stories, and I’m sure you have, too. So which would you rather focus on, if you couldn’t have both?

I think… I’m honestly not sure… I think I’m a character person. If I like the character I will read through anything. When I finish a book I am often thinking more about the characters than the plot. However I don’t necessarily think they have to be good characters. I feel like there have been two-dimensional characters I still really liked that I have read not very well written things to find out what happens to them. I also think that if a plot is clunky enough it will stop me even if I like the characters. I have to truly LOVE them to get through a clunky plot. My biggest weakness is probably a likeable character, even a flat one, in a ship I like. Good sexual tension can make me read books that I hate after I read them…



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  1. Yes, characters are slightly more important to me than plot…but I want both! Here’s MY BTT POST

  2. I personally find characters to be the trickier thing to like. However, If a plot is good I can usually stick with the story.

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