Bats at the Library written and illustrated by Brian Lies

Bats at the Library by Brian Lies
Format: Hardcover

Loaned to me by my supervising school librarian/media specialist at my field experience so I could look at her lesson plan with it (man just that sentence makes you tired).  This is just too cute.  I’ve read through it three times now and every time I still notice more lovable details.  The little bat in the floaties made me think of… I think it was my little cousin who… wore floaties constantly for what seemed like forever.  The earbuds being used as a rope, the perspective of the first full page illustration, the gorgeous traditional image of the library, a model of the moon in the background instead of a globe, the fancy food insect book, dancing on the overhead, copying themselves and folding them into paper airplanes, playing in the pop-up book and the fountain, the upside down storytime, goodnight sun and all the glorius references to classics.  Obviously this book is more of an issue of what don’t I like.  I’m enchanted by the rhythm of the text.  No wonder I own so many books I can’t help but think I WANT!

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