1984 by George Orwell

1984 by George Orwell
Format: Paperback

The actual year has come and gone, but Orwell’s warnings are still just as valid. Winston is no hero, there is not even really a point in the book when you want to be him and yet we all have some Winston inside of us. We think the threat is gone because so many years have passed, and yet the reality that Orwell painted for our future still draws closer and closer. Though this book is enjoyable as well as thought provoking, thus why it sold so much better than Orwell ever anticipated. In a world where everything has been glossed over Winston with the aid of Orwell sees all too many of the dirty nooks and crannies. The descriptions are beautiful just as they are horrifying in a world that is so real you can not help but keep reading to see what happens to a man who dares to be different.

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