Top Ten Tuesday: Witchy Books

A meme from the Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks theme… Halloween Freebie! (Happy Halloween! Let your creativity run wild with a themed post to celebrate!) so I decided on Witchy Books

1. Spell on Wheels – These girls are fantastic. I often feel like you don’t see enough things with modern witches but these woman are young and fun and witchy. I want to be their friend. It’s a fantastic little self contained story.

2. Redlands – This series is ongoing and still fairly new. It is dark and perfect for this time of year. The women that run this town are deadly. It keeps getting more interesting and Vanesa R. Del Rey’s art is absolutely perfect.

3. Circle of Magic series – You know I love Tamora Pierce. I’m not sure if the word witch is actually ever used in this series but the magic in these children and in their mentors is iconic to me.

4. Black Magick – A cop and a witch, I couldn’t love Rowan Black any more. I just got caught up on this series and am already obsessed. It’s been going for a little while but there still aren’t that many issues.

5. Wicked series – I’ve only read the first book but I think that Gregory Maguire‘s books take an already iconic witch to the next level. I think this book will influence generations of witch literature.

6. Scarlet Witch – This series was an interesting experiment because the artists were constantly changing. It gives absolutely fantastic background, characterization, and history for the Scarlet Witch.

7. StardustNeil Gaiman is a master of so many things. I honestly probably could have done a post on the more Halloween appropriate items of Neil Gaiman. Not only does this book have fantastic witches but also fantastic ghosts.

8. Wytches – This is definitely the most horror of these books. These wytches are definitely the least human of the bunch. It is definitely a universe that is going to leave you wondering about more.

9. Monstress – While not technically witches I feel like I have to include this book. There are so many kinds of magic and it is such a female centric book. The aesthetic is both very Eastern and Art Deco.

10. Diana Tregarde series – From Mercedes Lackey, a witch who is also a writer, yeah she has always stood out to me. I actually ordered the one book that I am missing earlier this week. I’ve always appreciated how much Diana felt like a person you might meet.

11. Akata Witch – I couldn’t resist including this one. I told myself I get an extra because it is a to be read. It is actually not the only one on my list of to reads from Nnedi Okorafor, but definitely the one highest on the list. I like different.

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