Smoky Night by Eve Bunting, illustrated by David Diaz

Smoky Night by David Diaz, Eve Bunting
Format: Paperback

I’m so glad to have a blog that I have for this craziness right now because I had so many thoughts that did not fit in 3-4 sentences.  The illustrations are beautiful but being the bizarre person I am I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the backgrounds, especially the ones where the bits and pieces tie into what is going on in the text and illustration.  I think the best word for the illustrations is rich though the true heart of this book is the story.  In the midst of riots people are brought together and learn a little lesson about getting along from cats.  Even the young narrator kind of misses the lesson learned but really he is the one teaching the adults as he and his cat befriend the cat they once assumed was enemy.

Caldecott Winner 1995

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