Saturday by Ian McEwan

Saturday by Ian McEwan
Format: Paperback

We all have those days where an unbelievable amount seems to unfold in the span of 24 hours, but this Saturday in February of 2003 of Henry Perowne’s life goes above and beyond. Though the intense details about surgeries and squash games can at times be overwhelming, but they add to the complete immersion into the life of this aging neurosurgeon. In 289 pages you experience a lifetime of emotions from the joys and fears of parenthood to the looming shadow of aging to the tender sensation of love that does not age to the fear of a violent death. Often our literary heroes are much like the bookish folk who follow their journey but Henry is of a different breed who in all his particulars cannot understand poetry and struggles to stomach fiction preferring the clean precision of his operations. In these 24 hours this home is filled with reunions and terrors, which are only slightly devalued by the utter perfection of this pretty little family. Overall each character will capture your heart in their own way.

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