Booking Through Thursday: Dogs and Pets

Booking Through Thursday

A meme from Booking Through Thursday.

Today’s topic is “My dog just had his birthday (12 years old, thanks), so … how do you feel about books about dogs or pets? Fluffy stories of fluffy family members? Solid books on training them or taking care of them? Touching reminiscences of trouble and the way a person’s dog (or pet) has helped get them through?

(Mind you, almost all the pet-related books on my shelf are about dogs, but I’m well aware that people love their cats, horses, ferrets, rabbits, fish, etc. just as much, so … any species is fine!)

Any favorite books to recommend?”

When we were training my puppy… who is now almost 15… we used the books by the Monks of New Skete. I am a dog person. Cats are amusing but dogs are companions to me. Sometimes I feel bad that I haven’t lived actively with Levi since I started college, just summers here and there. He has always been a funny dog but now he is even funnier. His joints get stiff and he has trouble getting up the steps into the house. His senses are so bad that you can easily sneak up on him and spook him. He is a border terrier and we also have a number of breed specific books. I don’t have very many animal related fiction books except the Redwall series and some picture books.

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