2012 in Review

11 Havanese Puppies

In May I graduated with my Masters in Library and Information Studies! (There is a reason that the year update starts here.) Then I started working at my alma mater part-time.  Also, Ben turned 30 and I turned 25 and we both changed the addresses on our licenses.

On July 6th I bought 300pages.com and became my own website.  I was worried about losing followers but I suppose it worked out that I did not have that many before so I was not really in much danger.

In August I started my first Fall not being a student since before preschool!

October 1st I made the break and posted the first thing that wasn’t books I have read!  Ironically I realized afterwards that I happened to do this on the day after my fifth blogoversary!

So happy belated blogoversary to me!

I finally took pictures of not one, but two litters of puppies over at Ben’s parents, Starborn Havanese, for a total of 11 bundles of adorable mess.

11 Havanese Puppies

In November I participated in NaNoWriMo and met my goal despite some hurdles.

In December I learned that I need to be better prepared for the Holidays.  My blogging plummeted!  I just backdated a post I never quite finished to the 18th!  It was already a goal of mine to try to get more ahead in general but this definitely emphasized how important it can be.  Not just the Holidays but it was also hard to keep up surrounding my grandmother’s funeral.

For Christmas I got a good pile of books, some Portal bookends and other goodies.  The coolest is probably the pieces of art that Ben’s sister made for each of us.

I expected to be unemployed or in a new job on this date but neither has happened yet.  I try to find direction in the places I can: writing, reading, the blog, the apartment.  Life as an adult has ups and downs.

Some funny search terms leading to my site:

  • “stephanie jobe’s divorce” – I haven’t convinced him to marry me yet so he can’t divorce me yet.  Must be one of the other like 5 of us.
  • “mature blak funke4” – Umm I’m kind of scared it sounds dirty, but somehow it brought them here because of Cornelia Funke…

Oh and another search term: “bloodhound pierce, tamora how many pages” I’ve never really recorded the more bibliographic data.  I see others who do and wonder some times but I mean Harry Potter taught us to not judge a book by it’s thickness.  I try not to get cluttered but what do you think?  Should I include things like which edition I read and the number of pages?

Are there other things that you would like to see more of?

As far as reading in 2012.  My goal was 60.  I read 43.  Yes I fell greatly short.  I see other bloggers reading over 100.

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