Physik by Angie Sage

Yep we are to the third book.  It gets harder and harder to write about these. Silas UnSeals a room in the attic of the Palace releasing the terrifying ghost of Queen Etheldredda.  Septimus is fascinated by the papers of the alchemist, Marcellus Pye, who lived 500 years ago.  Snorri Snorrelssen, a new face, has […]

Flyte by Angie Sage

This is a sequel so spoilers from the first book are inevitable.  Though I will try to avoid spoiling anything in this volume. A year later.  Septimus is settling in as Apprentice.  The Heaps, Jenna in particular, have settled into their new lives in the palace.  There is one Heap however who we left out […]

Magyk by Angie Sage

Septimus Heap was born the seventh son of a seventh son but then he was declared dead and whisked away, but that same day his father Silas found a baby half frozen outside the city.  Jenna grew up thinking that the Heaps were her only family but her parents both suspected her real importance.  Boy […]