Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Goals For 2013

Top Ten

A meme from the Broke and the Bookish.

Today’s topic: Top Ten Bookish Goals For 2013

For me this includes bookish, blogish, and writingish…?

1. Book Reading Goals – Last year I did not make my goal.  It wasn’t that high relative to other bloggers.  I only made 43.  My best year was 78… but I took a children’s literature course that year and read many picture books.  The some day goal is 100 per year but I’m a “bit” away from that still.

2. Blogging – Keeping up with all the posts I’ve committed myself too.  I want to be reliable and regular.  I do also want to talk about life a little bit more but that is a hard thing to get adjusted to.  I have a pretty calendar to do it and we’re going to work on good book habits.

3. Social Media – Oh this counts.  I want to be more involved.  I want to post my own things but I also want to be more involved in the larger discussion of books.  I want to be connected with bookish people.  Ironically while I would like more local connections as well I feel my best chance of finding them is actually online.

4. Prioritizing – I have a tendency to feel obligated to finish a series.  I try to force myself to expand my horizons.  I feel obligated to read ARCs (this is honestly the one that gives me the most guilt, 2011 ARCs on my shelf).  I have books that have been waiting YEARS to read but I convince myself others should come first.  I am trying to work on putting my own joy first.

5. Audiobooks – I suppose that is a weird goal, but I need to get in shape and I feel like a dual purpose of working out and listening is a good way to keep me motivated.

6. Not Over Keeping – I have a contrast of parents… the organized minimalist mother and the more haphazard pack rat father… I mirror them both at times.  I love keeping books.  I love the look and the touch but honestly there are books that I have kept that I have no reason to.  I went through a large amount last year but this year the goal is to keep reading those I’ve been stashing and if I’m not in love try to find it a home where someone will be.

7. Edit My 2012 NaNoWriMo – Mark of Meranda is the farthest I have gotten with a project in a long time.  So even though I’ve had a bit of a breather I am still committed to it.  I haven’t actively been writing but I have been mulling over certain issues.  I think I might have to sacrifice certain conflicts.  The premise to make them all work is simply too extreme.

8. Use the Library – Yes I have a ridiculous amount of books that I want to read that I own but honestly it feels quite silly to admit that I NEVER use the library.  I don’t just buy my favorites I buy EVERYTHING, thus the need for number 6.  So while it might not stop immediately I try to tell myself.  You can get it from the library.  I even have a card that I have yet to use.

9. Cataloguing – I have my own books sortedish but I would like to add Ben’s as well.  Our video games have comingled completely.  Our books have started.  I keep slowly trying to make him a larger part of all of my record keeping and books is a fun part!

10. Robert Jordan – It is such a detailed series that it needs focus.  Now that the series is done I don’t have to worry about waiting between.  I might even have to start over there is just so much to remember.  Once I start I will not stop until it is done.

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